At Cedar Creek Woodworking our new interest is in building beautiful thingsP1190741 out of reclaimed timber, old barnwood, and worn-through painted products. We have kitchen cabinets, bookcases, living room additions, and picture frames that we know you’ll love.

Many have already enjoyed our full-framed kitchens through C+C Woodworking, and now we are expanding to give you more options for your home’s needs.

We do things a little differently.  From self-closure hardware to that extra coat of lacquer, we give attention to detail at every turn, and thus provide you with a product which will be a feature in your home.

I’ve enjoyed building things out of wood ever since my first woodworking class back in grade eight (although some of those first projects were pretty sad), and I’ve been working with wood for over thirty years. I hope you enjoy some of these pictures and maybe be inspired to try something on your own, or to give me a call to work on a project for you.